Meet the Youngest Woman Entrepreneur and One of the World’s Youngest Web Designer

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

When we talk about business the first thing which came across our mind is that the business led by men. Not too often we heard the business led by women. But now the situation got changed and we often heard a lot of stories of successful entrepreneurs who despite the challenges succeeded in pursuing their dreams. Among many Priya Goyal has gained recognition as the world’s youngest female entrepreneur.

She faced a lot of difficulties to achieve her dream. Priya hailed from Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh, India. She belongs to a society where women are not encouraged to study but Priya got her parent’s support especially her mother’s support to get an education. Priya has worked as an intern at WIPRO Limited for one year.

Priya was heartbroken when she heard the news of her mother’s death during her internship. That’s the point where difficulties started. After taking a break for few weeks, she returned to her internship but came to realize that this wasn’t her dream job. She decided to leave the internship, but her family opposed the idea of her leaving the job at that difficult time.

Priya opted to chase her passion for coding and entered ITM University for computer science and engineering. She got her father’s support at that difficult time. The youngest entrepreneur has started two startups but failed to get success. She became successful in her third startup which she started with one of her colleagues Prince Yadav.

Priya has started a company named TENACITY, a web-designing and digital marketing company. After working hard, within 6 months, her gains were more than 1 lakhs per month. She is the true inspiration of young women entrepreneurs who are striving to pursue their passion.