Pakistan Launches its First Female Police Station

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

The Balochistan province of Pakistan has inaugurated its first female Police Station. It is the greatest breakthrough as the country is moving forward to provide justice to all without any discrimination. The establishment of a female police station gives hope to women for Justice. The police station is inaugurated in the region where the women are often deprived of justice.

It has been disclosed that the female police station is run by 19 female police officers in Quetta, the provincial capital. The officials of the station believe that women will be able to access all police services. They will be able to personally file complaints about all kinds of cases, including domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Balochistan is considered to be the most disadvantaged province of Pakistan. Balochistan has some of the worst development statistics in the country and the lowest literacy rate which is less than 27 percent among women. The cultural barrier in the region always prevented the girl to take the help of the police when they are in need.

Balochistan Inspector General of Police Muhammad Tahir Raye disclosed that the police station is the first Women Smart Police Station of its kind. It will help women to get justice on time and when women entered the station, they will receive a warm welcome from the women police station. Moreover, the new station is equipped with a modern digitalized system and taught the female police staff to remain connected to the Women Police Station with other Police stations from across the province in order to obtain complaints from every corner of Balochistan.