Here’s How This Woman Entrepreneur Overcome Challenges as Women Tech Founder

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Leanne Robers, who is an entrepreneur, has jumped into the entrepreneurship sector after she started, She Loves Tech as a passion project but later on her project turned out to be a huge success. She Love Tech is the largest startup competition for women and technology in the world. The biggest challenge Leanne faced as a women tech founder is during the process of fundraising.

She disclosed that she has founded many firms and is the CEO of firms but when it comes to negotiation with investors, she faced a lot of problems. Leanne stated that a lot of investors don’t even address her and always heard that women never build good tech businesses. But despite the criticism, she proved that nothing is impossible for women.

Leanne disclosed that she and her other co-founders believed that women have the capability to build a huge tech business. The problem, they discovered, was that women were often concentrated on doing the work and not searching for the limelight. This is the reason she started “She Loves Tech”.  Her new startup aims at giving women a global stage so that people could appreciate all the wonderful, innovative work that they were doing.

In addition to this, after the launch of She Loves Tech in 2015, about 100 women-led start-ups submitted an application for the competition. With the passage of time, this number has increased every year. The number reached more than 3,000 last year.

The She Love Tech journey includes the three stages. In the first stage, which is called sourcing entrepreneurs are chosen through a robust process. ‘She Loves Tech’ gathers data diligently to comprehend each startup’s demands from the ground up. The second stage is mentorship in which qualifier startups are intensively tutored and trained on strategy, business plan, and pitching to get them ready for the competition.

Finally, in the last stage which is Acceleration, it speeds up startups with community support, educational tools, and personalized services based on their needs. This comprises investor matching, business strategy, and fundraising advisory.