Zartaj Gul Announces 20 Plants 20 Marks for Students to Increase Tree Planting

Photo by Kasturi Laxmi Mohit on Unsplash

Pakistan has been striving more than any other country in the world to protect the country from the worst impact of climate change. One of the steps includes the Billion Tree Tsunami project first in KP and then all over the country. This step has made Pakistan one of the main climate protection leaders particularly among developing countries with such a weak economy.

Pakistan’s Minister of Climate Change Zartaj Gul has disclosed that the government has decided to encourage students to plant trees by giving 20 extra marks to those who plant at least 20 saplings. This is one of the greatest steps to encourage the youth to plant trees.

Minister further added that a piece of legislation regarding this initiative is being presented in parliament. This initiative aimed at incorporating youth in the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami plantation project. Furthermore, as per the PM’s vision of clean and green Pakistan, the unique endeavor was being created to make it necessary for each university graduate to plant at least 20 trees in the course of their education.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan has also emphasized the active participation of the youth to confront the challenges of climate change and environmental protection. A ceremony held last week to commemorate World Environment Day in Islamabad. PM IK said that Pakistan’s youth was its greatest advantage and could play a role in safeguarding the environment.

Climate Change Minister further talked about the proposed scheme. She disclosed that extra marks would be given to students for planting trees as part of learning activities. It is similar to the extra marks given under the National Cadet Corps program. In addition to this, the legislation would make it compulsory for a university graduate to plant 20 saplings while the university and district governments would provide assistance in finding viable plantation locations.