Malala Yousafzai to Star in British Vogue’s July 2021 Cover

Photo: Malalayousafzai/Instagram

Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai to feature on British Vogue’s July 2021 cover. The magazine disclosed that Malala is the new face of British Vogue’s July cover. Magazine shared a photo of the cover of the July issue. In the picture, Malala can be seen in a beautiful red Stella McCartney dress, with the words “The extraordinary life of Malala. Survivor, activist, legend” at the bottom.

Youngest Noble Prize winner has talked about her faith, her new collaboration with Apple TV+, and also talked about her Twitter activism. Malala also revealed her friendship with other young female activists including gun control campaigner Emma Gonzalez, and climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

Furthermore, the profile, which will feature in Vogue’s July issue, includes honor from some of Yousafzai’s high-profile fans, including former First Lady Michelle Obama, who called her “truly amazing,” and Apple CEO Tim Cook, who told Vogue” “I don’t think there’s anyone quite like her.”

Malala also talked about her headscarf as a “cultural symbol for us Pashtuns.” She referred to the mainly Sunni Muslim ethnic group from which she belongs. She described that Muslim girls when following their tradition people considered that they are oppressed. Yousafzai presented her opinions on the state of activism and politics today. “Right now, we have linked activism with tweets. That needs to change because Twitter is an entirely different world.”