Naomi Osaka Decides to Withdraw from French Open

Photo: NaomiOsaka/Instagram

Japanese Tennis Player Naomi Osaka has shocked the fans after declaring that she has decided to withdraw from French Open.  The four-time Grand Slam winner disclosed that she would not face the press during the French Open, mentioning mental health reasons. She was warned that she could be forced to quit French Open if she continues to stay away from post-match news conferences at the tournament.

She took to her social media account and stated that she has decided to quit so that everyone can get back to concentrating on the Tennis going on in Paris. She clarified that she never desired to be a disturbance. In addition to this, she stated that she would never belittle the term mental health. She disclosed that she has experienced depression since the US Open in 2018. Naomi has undergone a lot in overcoming the depression back in 2018.

Japanese Tennis Player apologized to those journalists who were kind to her, and she also disclosed her fear of public speaking. She said that she finds it stressful to always strive to join and give the best answer to the journalists.

Four-time grand slam champion revealed that she is feeling helpless and stressed, so she decided to focus on self-care and also avoid press conferences. Previously, she was also penalized $15,000 by Grand Slam planners for declining to be present at a news conference after her first-round win. She also disclosed that she has apologized to organizers privately.