Here’s How This Women Entrepreneur Build Her Startup After Losing Her Co-founder

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Entrepreneur Sakshi Chhapolia and Ankit Kumar who were also close friends have started Aaiena which is the amalgamation of AI and Virtual Reality. Two friends have strived for 1.5 years to build Aaiena with an accuracy rate of 95%. Both the friends have come up with an idea of Aaiena when they handle the wedding duty for their friend.

Their friend encountered a problem relating to a dress fitting. That’s when they realized that this would be an issue both in the online and offline world. Sakshi stated that it the gap which businesses left and faced loss. Sakshi disclosed that was the turning point for both of them and they came up with an idea of Aaiena.

The duo unveiled the startup in Delhi-NCR in 2018, which offers customers accurate size leveraging an AI, AR-based body measurement sizing software in just four simple steps without the physical presence of the customers. Sakshi disclosed that they both worked by keeping in their mind the tagline of their business ‘Think Like A User’.

Aaiena is hassle-free and user-friendly that provides the exact body measurement with just four inputs of height, weight, front, and a side photo. Both the friends have devised algorithms, where users will get their product size suggestion as they want to give a solution based on numbers rather than projections.

Unfortunately, just before the unveiling of their product, Sakshi’s friend Ankit passed away in early 2021. That was the difficult period of Sakshi’s life and there was a moment when she decided to close the startup. She disclosed that when Ankit was alive, he always handles the vendors and other people in the market but after his death, Sakshi has to deal with everything on her own. No one takes her seriously as she is a woman.

Many people also withdraw their orders in just a few months. There was no other option left for Sakshi as she and her friend quit their profitable government career just to build their startup. Ankit was an ISRO scientist, and he had the background of GATE AIR 47. On the other hand, Sakshi had passed her UPSC and was given an NCSC junior scientist position.

Sakshi has dealt with every problem courageously and also advised other women entrepreneurs that ‘if you strongly believe in yourself, regardless of the situation, you will be able to achieve it.’