Civil Engineer Turned Entrepreneur Set New Records in Business Sector

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

Civil Engineer turned Entrepreneur Anooja Bashir has set new records for another entrepreneur in the business sector. Recently, India has experienced has huge loss because of the COVID-19 pandemic which has taken the lives of millions. Along with another sector, the business sector has also experienced a huge decline. But in the condition of turmoil Anooja has set new benchmarks in the industry.

Her strong narrative is a living proof of motivation, dedication, willpower, and enthusiasm mixed with skill & talent to many people around the world, especially women. She never had thought in her earlier life that she would step into the world of business. She has graduated as a civil engineer and has played many vital roles both in India & abroad from interior designer to project manager and also, as a former assistant professor.

Furthermore, she entered into the entrepreneurial phase of her life with the spirit of not giving up. She removed all the obstacles from her path and crowning her venture Ourea into a 360-degree business management consultancy. Her business is a one-stop consultancy service that catered to all corporate requirements.

After overcoming the initial problems in her business, a new problem came in her way which is COVID-19. But again, she overcomes the problems by taking help from LIKES (Learning Innovative Key Employment Skills). LIKES program was linked with five crucial dimensions of professionalism and were truly one of a kind, at the time of its launch.

The services of LIKES are not only limited to graduates, but it also offers recommendations and mentoring to growing startups and organizations to develop their businesses. Thus, the elements of the industry are linked where the learner and the speaker have equally profited.