Cincinnati Ballet’s Leader Victoria Morgan Decides to Resign


The legendary leader of Cincinnati Ballet Victoria Morgan has decided to step down from her position at the end of the 2021-22 season. This day has come after 25 years when she has to leave her position. She served the ballet company for 25-years. Cincinnati Ballet has struggled throughout the pandemic and unlike other art firms, it will be able to maintain its active presence in the market.

Morgan has enthusiastically managed the issues of the company. The music director of the firm for more than 50 years, Maestro Carmon DeLeone, disclosed that throughout her journey she worked hard for the betterment of the company. She disclosed: “It seemed that no matter what time it was, her car would be in the parking lot. She was always in the office. And when she wasn’t there, she was in the studio working with dancers.”

Morgan was the true asset of the company as she never showed her frustration. She never raises her voice and never got angry with someone. Morgan strived in her career and when she was unable to finish projects on time, she remained focused and always found a way. She is a likable leader.

A couple of the men who headed her in the job were aggressive or even resentful. But Morgan had a personality as well as the ability to will people to provide support for her dreams for the firm, especially board members and donors. Furthermore, Morgan backed women choreographers long before the rest of the dance world turned its attention to the absence of equity for women in the field.

The ballet company has started the search for a new artistic director. Morgan, who recently turned 70, said she would rather not use the word “retire” to define her next career step. She chooses to use the word “re-fire.” She disclosed: “I’ve been thinking about this for some time who says she is planning to remain in Greater Cincinnati after leaving the firm.”