Swiss Footballer Lara Dickenmann to Take General Manager Post at Grasshopper Club

Photo by Konstantin Evdokimov on Unsplash

Legendary Swiss Footballer Lara Dickenmann has decided to accept the role of General Manager at Grasshopper Club Frauen in her native Zürich. She has been playing abroad for the past 12 years and finally decided to serve in her hometown. She returned to her home country at the age of 35 years to take the new post.

She will serve twice as a UEFA Women‘s Champions League winner with Olympique Lyonnais. During her stay abroad for 12-years, she secured the league title on ten events with her two clubs Olympique Lyonnais and VfL Wolfsburg. Moreover, she secured the decisive goal for Lyon ten years ago today to assist them in getting the victory.

Furthermore, now as she is getting near to the retirement age, Dickenmann is also planning to pursue a career in soccer management after making the difficult decision to stop playing at the end of the current season. Dickenmann played college soccer at the age of 18, for the University of Ohio finally getting herself a bachelor’s degree in International Business, a choice she acknowledges she has fallen for.

She is striving to build her career and recently got a master’s degree which has offered her the necessary qualifications for her new career in the boardroom. She disclosed that through the master’s degree she is able to know all kinds of areas and she has a strong urge to do something.

Lara talked about her new role as General Manager in Grasshopper Club. She said for her the “General Manager” is just a job description. They had to give her a name. She would have completed it without the job title. It’s a project that is of great interest to her. Everyone that is involved in the project has the same value for the project. Everyone is striving to bring in whatever they can to make the project, the best project possible. This is the approach that they have.