Amazon Faces Five New Racial, Gender Bias Lawsuits

1205, Inc. has faced new lawsuits by women who served in corporate or warehouse management roles. The women between the age of 23 to 64 accused the e-commerce giant of gender bias, racial bias, or both. Women alleged that the e-commerce giant is favoring men over women in different job roles.

Women also stated that when they made complaints regarding the discrimination, they received no response. Two complainants are Black, one is Latina, one is Asian-American, and one is white. They submitted their complaints in federal courts in Arizona, California, Delaware, and Amazon’s hometown of Seattle.

On the other hand, the representative of Amazon claimed that they found no truth in these accusations of women employees. The representative also stated that Amazon does not accept any kind of prejudice or harassment of any women. Amazon is in favor of a “varied, fair and inclusive culture.”

The complaints were lodged by the Wigdor law firm. The firm also signifies a Black manager at Amazon Web Services who prosecuted in March over suspected systemic prejudice. Amazon completed 2020 with about 1.3 million full-and part-time employees. The firm is advising shareholders at its May 26 annual meeting to refuse a suggestion that would require an independent audit inspecting its “effects on civil rights, share capital, multiplicity and the inclusion.”