Meagan Martin Becomes First-Ever Female ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Champion

Photo by Church of the King on Unsplash

Meagan Martin has made history as she became the first-ever female ‘American Ninja Warrior’. The Sunday night is the record-breaking night for ‘American Ninja Warrior’, as it featured the first-ever women’s championship. The top female names in the sport contested for the top prize of $50,000.

The event was history as the Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has made a video entrance and wished good luck for her friend Jessie Graff. Graff is a fan-beloved tripped in the passing round of the race. Graff has given the opportunity to other ninjas to make the historic win in the competition. In the final round young star, Meagan Martin has competed against the legendary Jesse Labreck.

In the historic show, Labreck headed most of the final run but with just a few seconds left, Martin made two spectacular jumps to hop forward and struck the winning bell. That was the moment when she made history and break all records. Spectators were thrilled to commemorate the landmark victory of Martin. But the winner herself used her moment in the limelight to pay tribute to her opponent, Labreck.

She said: “I have so much respect for Labreck. She is one of the strongest contestants, and I was playing catch-up, so I just had to take a risk. It could have gone wrong, but fortunately, it did wonder.” She was so happy and could not believe that she has won the competition and made a landmark victory.