This Woman-Led Food Tech Company is a Solution to all Your Problems

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Lisa Barnett, who is an entrepreneur, has spent 10 years of her life exploring solutions for chronic health issues like diabetes and heart disease, illnesses people experienced in later years. Lisa has spent most of the time comprehending the serious need for high-quality, nutritious, and fresh food from the beginning of life.

He discussed with her sister who gave birth to a baby about the food of kids and found out that the grocery store brands are not providing quality food for the kids. That’s when she realized the grave need for a firm that takes into account the health of people. She has an entrepreneurial household and always tried to bring new solutions to the problems women encounter.

Barnett, now co-founder, President, and CMO of Little Spoon. Little Spoon is a rapidly growing children’s food and nutrition firm. She disclosed that their consumer also shared the same vision of bringing the antediluvian baby and children’s food category up to the standards.

Furthermore, a report from the UConn Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity discovered that only 4 out of 80 baby and toddler snacks fulfill nutritious values. Additionally, 50% of baby food snacks and 83% of toddler food snacks include added sweeteners. It is difficult for a new parent to decide which is the good food for their children as they are new to everything. But Lisa brings the complete solution for all the parents out there using her entrepreneurial skills.

Little Spoon, which was founded in 2018, also provides a unique community and parenting platform to helps parents everywhere. “Is This Normal” producing products with clear transparency and assisting to change a dated parenting story that simply is making this life stage even more difficult. She disclosed that when you start with Little Spoon, you really entered a team of parents who are accepting a new culture and language around this life stage.