Jesy Nelson Talked for the First Time about Leaving Little Mix

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

Jesy Nelson who is the former Little Mix star talked about leaving Little Mix for the first time. She disclosed that she burst into tears backstage while shooting the video for Sweet Melody. Jesy revealed that she experienced a panic attack and she was started weeping in the dressing room. Jesy explained that there were scenes in Sweet Melody in which she was absent because at that time she has encountered panic attacks.

Former little Mix starts further added that at that time she was insisting to go home, and she heard someone saying that if she continues this she will end up where she was before. That’s the moment when she came to know that her health is more important than anything else and she has to focus on her health first.

She explained that earlier she tried her best to please other people and forget that the one person who needs her care is herself. She said that the decision is very important for her health because she doesn’t want to end up there where she was five years ago.

Earlier she disclosed that during lockdown she remembered she was happy around people she loves and when she returned to works, she became a different person. She left the band and decided to take care of herself first. Shortly, the shooting of Sweet Melody is the breaking point for her when she decided to turn her focus towards herself.