Here’s How this Entrepreneur Find Healthy Ways to Heal in Her Bad Days

Photo by Júnior Ferreira on Unsplash

The first-generation Asian American entrepreneur Leeanne Antonio became an inspiration for the young entrepreneurs as she turned her bad days into a good ones through healthy ways. Leeanne is the founder and CEO of Bad Day Box. She is a supporter of self-care and mental health. Entrepreneur revealed the reason why she started a new business.

She disclosed that she has experienced various ups and downs in her personal a professional life. The idea came to her mind after the bad consequence of what she thought was a very long-term and dedicated relationship, and she also lost a job which she thought was her dream job. She disclosed that her close family member and friends expressed their love for her in her dark time and encouraged her to eat, drink, and sleep.

She was in her dark period of life and her friends started sending her sleeping aids, a snack box, a massage, and a place to stay. All of this would later lead to her motivation for Bad Day Box. She has a successful career in marketing, but she decided to become an entrepreneur. She disclosed that she made Bad Day Box as a way to bundle the compassion shown to her when she experienced the darkest period of her life. She started sending Bad Day Box so that others could easily send and get self-care when they need it in their difficult time.

Antonio disclosed the bumpy road of her starting a new business. She decided to crowdfund and roll out the drive on March 8, 2020, on International Women’s Day, before California closed down for the pandemic. She said that she felt that the time is not appropriate for the funding. She disclosed that she submitted her project to iFundWomen, and the next day she found out that her project was approved.

She revealed that she gathered some capital through crowdfunding, a lot of it will go towards product offering, inventory, and packaging. Antonio revealed her future plan and declared that her next big focus is on small business funds applications tracked by creating an affiliate marketing program.