Young CEO Recognized as One of the 21 Women to Watch in 2021


Meredith Caggiano, who is the CEO of Ethos Veterinary Health has been named as one of the 21 women to watch in 2021. Meredith is an inspiration for young leaders. She possessed extraordinary leadership skills.

Ethos is a veterinary health enterprise with hospitals across the U.S. offering innovative medical care for pets. Its main focus is on reform, team improvement, and collaboration.

The title is given by the Center for Women & Wealth. It is a title that acknowledges women who have made extraordinary progress in their field and shows prominent leadership and entrepreneurship skills. Caggiano has worked with the executive management team and shows her strategic financial leadership skills.

She has worked with teams to practice long-range strategies, policies, and financial policies along with maintaining financial uprightness and diminishing threats of the firm. Additionally, she also utilizes her knowledge in supervising businesses through change leadership, business inclinations, growth capital financings, and organizational changes.

She disclosed that in 2020 she learned through her experience that showing flexibility and quickness in problem-solving and prioritizing team members assisted in foster sophisticated customer service and patient care at Ethos.

Her team served the patient in the best manner because they valued the firm. This prioritization helped her team to offer the best services to clients. Caggiano revealed that in her firm most of the team members are women and they need flexible working hours as well as flexibility at home.