Sony Music Africa Introduces Masterclass Training Program for Women


Sony Music Africa has taken the step to empower women. The firm has introduced the new masterclass training program. The main aim of these programs is to assist working women in the African music industry. Sony Music is striving to encourage and train the best women executives in the country.

Sony Music disclosed that it has joined forces with “The Women of Music Business” to start a mentorship program. Berita Khumalo is the founder of WOMB. It is backing to 30 women artists, producers, and administrators with a least two years of experience in the music industry from across Africa

In the new training program, the members will avail expertise from proficient training in financial administration, generosity, and social investment, improving the abilities required to establish stable careers and businesses in the Africa music industry within the setting of social entrepreneurship. 

Furthermore, the participants will also get a chance to gain benefits from networking and insights that empower their positions as future music industry leaders in Africa. This collaboration of Sony Music and WOMB will leave an ever-lasting impact on the African Music Industry.

Currently, the women music entrepreneur are endeavoring to overcome the challenges and are breaking stereotypes, and are establishing their own teams to empower themselves. But the gender discrimination is the prevailing issue in the music industry of Africa. These types of programs will empower women in the African music industry.

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