Arooba Faridi Makes History as She Becomes Pakistan’s Youngest Female Aerospace Engineer


Arooba Faridi has marked history after she makes her country Pakistan proud by becoming the youngest female aerospace engineer. Recently, she has received International Aircraft Maintenance License. Faridi holds a maximum Basic categories license from EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). This indicates her license involves CAT A1 & B1.1 (Aeroplanes Turbine) CAT A2 & B1.2 (Aeroplanes Piston).

She has been striving for 7 years to reach the goal she has attained today. Finally, she has gained recognition as an aircraft engineer. Arooba breaks stereotypes in the male-dominated society.

Arooba started her adventure as an aerospace engineer on below-category aircraft (Aeroplane Piston). After that, she registered herself for the EASA Part-66 exams (Modular exams for aircraft license). She didn’t stop there and after spending 4 years she decided to work on the above category aircraft (Aeroplane Turbine).

Furthermore, she continued to increase, improving her practical experience for 2.5 years more as needed for a basic EASA license. Now she reached the destination for which she was longing. She makes her country proud by making a history. Arooba has got congratulatroy messages for her success.

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