Here’s Why Arlene Foster Resigns as DUP leader


Northern Irish Politician has decided to leave her position as DUP leader and Northern Ireland’s First Minister. Her tenure as Irish First Minister has come to an end after she faced a revolt from DUP members that warns to overthrow her as party leader and first minister of Northern Ireland.

The accuser blamed the Foster that she and her associates for the trade barrier down the Irish Sea. The DUP member expressed their concern about the state of the party and the country.

She decided to step down from her position after a letter started floating amongst the party members and Northern Ireland Assembly members who are demanding the removal of Foster. It has been disclosed that about 22 MLAs, four MPs, and one peer have already inked the document against Foster’s removal.

She has earlier received backlash for her poor management of a botched green energy reproach which caused the decline of Stormont for three years. Moreover, the DUP has also denied supporting the Northern Ireland Protocol, which would create a border in the Irish Sea. Additionally, the latest revisions to abortion laws have provoked the criticizer within the party.

It has been cleared no that she has stepped down and now the party will organize the first leadership battle. In 1971, Paisley has established DUP. He then named Peter Robinson as his heir in 2008. In 2015, Robinson transfer power to Foster. Now the tiny voters of 41 assembly members, MPs, and companions will pick Foster’s replacement.