Meet the First-Ever Female Prankster who is Using Her Voice to Calm People

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

RJ Mahvash has been recognized as the first-ever female prankster who is doing something unique to empower women. When she was a little girl she often heard this compliment that she has a unique voice and her soothing voice could calm people. She decided to give it a try and was surprised to see how her voice become a problem solver for many women.

She is striving to help and empower other people. Her first and foremost goal is to help people to find their passion. She said that her voice is helpful for many women who are waiting for someone’s guidance. There is no doubt in this fact that she has re-established a sense of confidence within women.

Looking at her professional job, she has been given the chance to participate in Big Boss season 14. She has also been a part of many web series of Netflix and Bollywood Movies. But it looks like she has other plans for herself. She disclosed that now is not the right time for her to make an appearance on the big screen yet. 

People started noticing her after a controversial video surfaced online where she can be seen forcing Deepak Kalal out of the studio for passing some sexist comments. Social media users praised her for her bold step and she became a social media sensation overnight. She won the heart of people because when she took the bold step she didn’t think about her career. She just did what she needs to do at that time.

RJ has taken the side of women much time and also raised her voice against their issue using radio as a platform. Social media users are also fond of her prank videos. She has 376K followers on Instagram where she shared prank videos with her fans.

Before the use of social media to raise the voice of people she has used radio to help people. It is not wrong to say that she is the perfect blend of beauty with brain. She has a strong belief that there is no problem in this world that is without a solution.