Chloé Zhao to Become first Women of Colour to Secure Best Director Award at Oscars

Photo by Brands&People on Unsplash

Chinese filmmaker Chloé Zhao has made history as she became the first woman of color to secure the Best Director award at the Oscars. She is a British-educated, Chinese-born filmmaker. She made her country proud by acquiring Best Picture at the 93rd Academy Awards.

She has gained recognition for her enthralling representations of people, often performed by non-professional actors, in the boundaries of society in the American West. Chloe grows as the second woman in the history of the Academy Awards to secure Best Director.

Recently, she emerged as one of the most distinguished and talented filmmakers in the modern years. After accepting the award, she shared her childhood memory which keeps her motivated throughout her Journey. When she was 14, she shifted to England to study in Brighton. At that time she has few English speaking skills.

Congratulations are pour in after she secured best director award at Oscar.

Her winning an award is the greatest milestone as it took 93 years for the Academy to name an Asian woman as Best Director. Chloé Zhao has taken the Academy Award for the renowned “Nomadland,” which shows a woman in her 60s traveling through the American West as a van-dwelling nomad.