This Little Girl Makes Pakistan Proud by Passing the Microsoft Certified Professional Exam

Photo by Romain V on Unsplash

Areesha Fatima has made her country Pakistan proud after she passed the Microsoft Certified Professional Exam. She has made history at the young age of 4.5 years. She joined those who have passed the MCP certification at incredibly young ages.

The Microsoft Certified Professional exam is normally exercised by grown-ups to prove they are maintaining speed with technical roles and conditions of the current time. This exam is taken by little Areesh who succeeded to pass it with excellent results.

Areesha is a talented kid. She is bestowed with the ability to memorize things in one look by God. After passing the test, she has proved her ability. The minimum score needed to pass the exam is 700. But the little girl has secured 831 points on the exam.

She not only makes her parents proud but also her country. Her parents find her intense observation and her attentiveness to detail admirable at such a young age. Areesha disclosed that she is planning to memorize the Holy Quran at the age of 6.

Her parents discovered that she has a keen interest in computers as she quickly memorizes things and learns new things via the internet. Her father is an IT professional aims to polish her computer skills as she has an interest in computer.

During the pandemic, her father taught her computer skills. She easily trained to design and arrange reports in Microsoft Word, format texts and sections, and design tables, and include graphic elements in a file.

The credit for her success goes to her parents as they discover her interest and guides her to achieve her dreams. It is too early to say about her future but her keen interest in everything and her memorizing skills predict a bright future for a little girl.