Saudi Future Women Society Launch Program to Empower Women

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

The Future Women Society (FWS) of Saudi Arabia has rolled out research, innovation, and development unit to further empower women in various scientific disciplines. Presently, women are excelling almost in every field but their participation is not satisfactory. The same is the case in Saudi Arabia, the women ratio in science is low.

Many educational institutions, communities, and businesses in the Kingdom are struggling for greater female embodiment in STEM. The vision of FWS is the same. FWS is endeavoring to encourage women to play their role in STEM as well.

Chairperson of FWS, Dr. Gareebah Al-Twaiher, emphasized the significance of increasing consciousness of the important role women play in research and the necessity to assist them to continue to grow. She stated that we cannot deny the fact that experimental research is a long-term investment.

Scientific studies are the foundation of growing any economy that is developed on change. It is the only source of innovation and also optimizing the competition globally and creating new industries. In Saudi Arabia, Scientific research has taken great steps over the past few years. Scientific studies have assisted the Kingdom to lead in many areas regionally and globally.

Since its inception in October 2020, The FWS under the direction of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. Society strives to increase consciousness about women’s role in society, and increase their skills in all fields.