Here’s How the Hazara’s Women are Fighting Violence

Photo by Thao Le Hoang on Unsplash

Hazara women which belong to the conservative society of Pakistan are stepping forward to protect themselves from any violence. They are learning self-defense to ensure their safety when they went out. Women often faced routine harassment in crowded places. To protect themselves, the women of Hazara took the step by themselves.

Hazara has two largest academies which are training nearly 250 people. Academy disclosed that many of their students includes the young women of Hazara. They are now learning sports and are winning the competitions.

The trainer Fida Hussain Kazmi who got training from a Chinese master in the eastern city of Lahore is now teaching the martial arts to the young girl of Hazara. He discloses that in the conservative society women are not allowed to exercise but they are allowed to learn self-defense.

The trainer stated that he is offering two hours of training six days a week for 500 rupees (RM27) but also offering free classes to women who have lost a relative to militant violence. One of the Hazara women disclosed that they have no ability to prevent bomb blasts but she is learning self-defense to feel confident when she went out. She revealed that no one teases her when she went out because everybody knows that she is learning how to fight back.