This Business Coach Launch Podcast To Empower Women

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

London-based Reetika Gupta-Chaudhary has taken an excellent step to empower the desi women who have excellent business ideas but they are hesitant to bring their ideas to life. Reetika who is a business coach has come up with an idea to remove the fear of desi women which is impeding their way to commence a new business.

Reetika who is an international business coach has rolled out the podcast with the sole purpose to assist desi women to excel in the business world. Reetika said: “We should all be given the tools to find our own way.” She invented that tool for other women. That tool is a podcast that helps women to explore their ways.

She marked the two years in business by introducing the podcast for women entrepreneurs. Reetika has already chosen the guest for her podcast. Her guest list includes Deenita Pattni, international TedX speaker and multi-award-winning trainer/mentor, Eesha Shokla, the US scientist who contributed towards the diagnostics of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Moreover, the other two guests include Mayah Riaz, a London-based celebrity PR and publicity coach, and  Rupa Patil, certified Mastermind professional and business mentor for Google and Sheroes accelerator program in India. Her guest lists include exceptional women who have already excelled in their respective businesses.

Reetika is confident that the interviews of these exceptional women will help the desi women entrepreneurs to resolve their issues which are impeding their way to launch a new business. The main aim of the podcast is to urge women to start exploring new job which better recognizes their capabilities or to launch their own businesses if they have any idea in their minds.