Honey Thaljieh Become First Captain of Palestine Women’s Football Team

Photo by Daniel Norin on Unsplash

Honey Thaljieh has broken the stereotypes and became the first-ever captain of the Palestinian women‘s national football team. During her whole life, she has made various struggles to overcome the social and political barriers to become a role model for women and girls across the Middle East and beyond.

After winning and breaking the barriers she is now promoting gender equality for boys and girls through sport. She has gained a huge reputation in Palestine. We can guess her reputation through the fact that when Palestinians were asked about the captain of the man’s football team they face difficulty in remembering but when they were asked about the female football team’s captain they immediately mention the name of Honey Thaljieh.

She was born in Bethlehem and raised up in occupied Palestine. Honey Thaljieh has always become a voice for empowerment and gender equality through her career. Unfortunately, due to several injuries, she has ended her career and started inspiring the younger generation through sport.

She has also gained recognition as a Champion for Peace by the organization Peace and Sport and works as an ambassador for several pro-social sports organizations. Honey has addressed at many prestigious international organizations, including UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, and TEDx Zurich.