GAO Condemn Flagship Policy Program of Ivanka Trump

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

GAO, the Government Accountability Office of the US has released a report which highlighted the issues in the flagship program headed by Ivanka Trump in the last regime. GAO disclosed that the project has experienced substantial obstacles in its implementation.

Trump aided and run the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Project. The project is a federal initiative intended to empower women. The program was intended to classify gender analysis and provide financial support for 10 government agencies’ women’s programs.

One of the 10 agencies included in the project was the U.S. Agency for International Development, which is given authority to designate $265 million a year for assistance to micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) under the WEEE Act.

But the accountability office revealed that there are few problems in the implementation of the program and also disclosed that USAID has not provided the money to the targeted programs. It also doesn’t keep the record of financing to the MSMEs.

As per GAO, three problems were being identified in the implementation of the program. The first problem is that USAID has not recognized the total financing designated to the targeting conditions. The second problem is that the project of USAID aims to help the poor but it has not determined the financing reached to the group. The third problem is that although USAID has MSME projects that serve women, it has not specified businesses controlled, regulated, and established by women and does not accumulate data by business size.

Finally, GAO disclosed that these problems disclosed that USAID is failed to determine the businesses owned by women and the percentage of the funding given to the MSMEs. GAO has also provided the suggestion for the successful implementation of the project. The suggestion of GAO includes the creation of a definition for businesses controlled, regulated, and established by females and establishing a new process to guarantee that the money is going to the programs for which it is assigned.