Mother with Her Two Daughters Start their Tiny Resort Business


Alabama mother and her two daughters are the inspiration for entrepreneurs who wants to start their own business but are worried about the finances to start their business. A Lee County mother and her daughters have named their business “Paradise Tiny Village.”

The small village consists of nine small houses. Though they are small they are not like average houses. Once you entered them you feel like you are at your own home. The tiny houses have names like Hurricane, Grinch, and Sunrise.

The resort-style business was started by Annie Jones along with her two daughters. In their tiny houses, they are offering three different options. Each small house includes a kitchen, bed, and a den area. Alabama’s mother has revealed the difficulties they faced at the start of their business.

One of the obstacles was gender discrimination. People were not taking them seriously because they were women. The co-owner Gentry Purnell¬†stated: “We had to go through a few people in order for us to get things done.”

Alabama’s mother has started her business with her two daughters but unfortunately, she lost one of her daughters Quanisha Jones in an accident. The family has decided to continue their business to pay tribute to one of the owners who had passed away.

Gentry Purnell said: “She was so strong, and she was always happy, so we want to continue her legacy with this and keeping her dream alive and her spirit alive.” Their story is an inspiration for other young women who are facing various obstacles at the start of their business journey. Both the owners disclosed that they are fully booked for March and April.

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