Irish Water Scientist Aphra Urge Girls To Consider A Career In STEM


Westmeath native Aphra Leavy who is an Irish Water Scientist is urging young girls to choose a career in STEM. She said that this International Women’s Day she requested young girls to make the world a better place by choosing a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Aphra stated that women can make this world a better place by just becoming scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

Aphra Leavy is the mother of three beautiful daughters, and this is the reason she wants other girls to choose STEM as their career. She has also emphasized the importance of International Women’s Day.

She disclosed that STEM always attracted her, and she always attracted towards STEM subjects instead of languages. Aphra loves to solve problems and come up with innovative solutions. Water Scientist got a degree in Agricultural Science from University College Dublin. She did Civil Engineering from the University of Ulster and has got the postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Protection from Sligo Institute of Technology.

Furthermore, after completing her education she decided to take the job of process optimization manager of water and wastewater in Irish Water. Irish Water is a water utility firm in Ireland. As a manager, her job is to look after the water and wastewater treatment plants across the country that whether they are working effectively and are compatible with regulatory guidelines.

In her job, she has solved many problems with her teams and considered herself and her team as problem solvers. Every day of her job brings new challenges for her and every day she devoted her entire energy to bring innovation. Aphra said every time her team enhances the quality and efficacy of wastewater treatment procedures, they are assisting to protect the environment.

Moreover, she advised those girls who have a little bit of interest in STEM to choose it as a career and pursue their dreams. Her firm Irish Water is dedicated to gender equality. The proof of gender equality is that 40% of the senior management team are women.

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