Ashley Graham Donates $100,000 to Girls Inc


American-model Ashely Graham has donated $100,000 to Girls Inc. Girls Inc which was founded in 1864 to help girls and young women who were facing disruption in the wake of the Civil War. Since its inception, it strives to help young girls who are facing environmental problems. Ashley has collaborated with Quay to donate the amount for the assistance of young women and girls.

When Ashley started her modeling career, she came to know about Girls Inc. and has always committed to spreading the message behind the establishment of the organization. Graham disclosed that Girls Inc approached her and asked her to disseminate the word and the vision of the organization. She said that she wanted to do something unique, and Girls Inc has same vision as her.

Graham revealed that the organization has commenced programs to teach young girls how to be leaders within their own communities. She revealed that the donation will go directly to Girls Inc. A portion of the donation will also go towards the development of law and policies that boost the opportunities for all girls.

Ashley Graham’s main aim is to build confidence in the young girl. She gave the credit for her confident personality to her mother. Her confidence is the only key to her success in her modeling career. She commented about social media and said: “You know, it’s so fascinating because in a way I wish social media stayed around when I was younger. I’m so thankful that it wasn’t because there’s just so much harassment, hate, judgment, and contrast, but on the other hand there’s a society where you can find yourself.”

Quay also considered Graham a strong partner who knows what it means to be a powerful woman today. Quay said: “Ashley is vibrant and genuine, openly using her influence and modeling self-confidence to encourage others across every aspect of her life as a mother, wife, activist, supermodel, and entrepreneur.”

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