Meet the Youngest Muslim Elected Official in the US Who is Inspiring Future Leaders

Photo: bushraaa123/Instagram

Bushra Amiwala is the youngest Muslim elected official in the US. She has the potential to inspire the future generation. She is aiming to encourage women, Muslims, and the young generations. Her main goal is to support belittled populations and bridging divides between clashing faith systems. 

She thinks that sometimes women think that they don’t deserve it. Bushra advised people to try to reach the position where there is no one like you. She said: “I tell people that they have the power to be the change you want to see in the world.”

She is working in Google between the hours of 9-5, and her chosen office is a part-time volunteer role, where she has to join a couple of board meetings a month. There is a documentary about her which was released titled “Our America: Women Forward” on Hulu. She is also preparing to publish a book by July 2021.

Bushra said that she is aiming for higher public office and also hoping to be in Congress one day. She is touring all around the globe and is encouraging and urging others to take action. In her talk about leadership, she said that people often think leadership something greater than them. She urged them to raise their voice.