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Young Entrepreneur Launch an App to Solve Immigrant Challenges

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

A young entrepreneur Khushi Kaur has emigrated with her family to Canada after 9/11. Before settling in Toronto, she was shifted to Libya in North Africa. As a young minority Indian, she and her family experienced difficulties. She learned from her experience and rolled out a new app.

Technology is always her passion. She got her first job in marketing and started a job in marketing working for an IT company. Khushi disclosed that when she started her job around that time her cousin came from India to Canada as an International Student.

She tried her best to help her cousin in the immigration process. From her cousin’s experience who spent thousands of dollars but got nothing that there is a need for a proper system that helps immigrants in the process. At that time, she discovered that there is a need for a digital system.

She quit her job and started taking digital entrepreneurship courses. Her goal is to help immigrants in visa processes and help them in saving their money and time so she started planning a Joint App.

After getting proper guidance, she decided to bring her idea to life. She disclosed that when her app was in production phases there were a lot of people who started demanding her services. She started MangoVisa.

Her platform unites American and Canadian students living overseas on study grants and work visas and those seeking to obtain permanent residency. There are currently hundreds of members accessing the free assistance rendered by MangoVisa.

She said that the response of people is overwhelming and she is excited to see what will happens when she rolled out her app. Khushi disclosed that one can get success with her inner strength.


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