This Female Carpenter Break Stereotypes in the Male-Dominated Industry

Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash

27-year old Nicole Davis is breaking stereotypes as she started work in the construction industry. Nicole proved that nothing is impossible for women and no one can stop them when they decide to do everything. Women are making less than 11% in the construction industry but it does not mean women are not qualified to do the jobs.

Nicole disclosed that her presence alone at the site is a surprise for many. She said that she has shocked many young girls in the house where she was working. In a male-dominated society, her job requires her to present on-site. But she said that there were times when she rolls up her sleeves when there is a need.

Nicole Davis revealed that her job is difficult but when she sees the outcome of her hard work it all worth it. Furthermore, she said that the tiling job is difficult for her but she likes it because of the beauty it can give a home. Those extra skills have reached her personal life. Recently, Davis and her husband overturn their own home for a profit.

The female carpenter is a fan of Taylor Swift and when she does her job she listens to the music. Recently, she has completed the remodeling of two bathrooms.

She studied at Northwest Missouri State University. She painted houses and work on minor construction with her father. Her father owned a number of rental assets. Davis gave the credit for doing the job with full confidence because of her coworkers.