Pak-Origin Lina Khan to be Nominated for Commissioner of the FTC


American President Joe Biden has shown his intention to choose Lina Khan, a Pakistani-origin critic of ‘Big tech’ and Silicon Valley for Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission. The nomination of Lina Khan has signaled the intention of Biden to take on some of the tech industry’s most powerful and influential firms.

Lina Khan is serving as an associate professor of law at Columbia Law School. At Columbia school, she teaches and writes about antitrust law, infrastructure industries law, and the antimonopoly tradition.

Earlier, she has worked for the Democratic members of the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee. After the nomination, she took to her Twitter and expressed her gratitude for the nomination.

Previously, another Big critic Tim Wu was chosen for an economic advisory post in the White House. The nomination will serve as the trigger of the fight as some Republicans are opposing the move.