This Woman’s Passion to Empower Women Forced her to Launch EmpowHer


Stephanie Jester, a strong woman who learned from her struggles and pave the ways for others to learn from her experience. Instead of giving up after facing troubles, she chose to stand up and turned her struggles into wisdom and knowledge for others to grow. Her only passion is to empower women and elevate them. Her passion forced her to launch EmpowHer.

EmpowHer is a corporation that supports women through mentorship, professional coaching, and therapy offered by Atlanta’s top clinical counseling service, Affirm Wellness. When she was asked about her journey in the business world, she replied that she steps foot in the corporate world almost 18 years ago.

She said she always had this passion and spirit of entrepreneurship but before fulfilling her dream of getting a management degree she took the license of real estate. Stephanie disclosed that the only thing which keeps you successful in your entrepreneurial journey is consistency and persistence.

Furthermore, she revealed that she can continue her business success with her philanthropist journey only with the help of her team members. She launched EmpowHer intending to elevate women and help them share things and relieved themselves so when they returned home they feel refreshed.

Stephanie said that through her business initiative she wants to connect and coach women while offering them the tools they need to live their best lives. She also co-founded FreeWishes Foundation to offer help to underrepresented societies in Atlanta neighborhoods.

Furthermore, when she was asked about the importance of wellness, she disclosed that throughout her journey she feels that wellness is very important. Success is not just about money. It is meaningful who we are as individuals and being well mentally and physically.