Vanessa Bryant Discloses Name of LASD Deputies

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

Vanessa Bryant, wife of Kobe Bryant has disclosed the name of the deputies who were involved in disseminating the pictures of the scene of the helicopter crash that killed her husband. Vanessa took to Instagram and shared the series of posts in which she disclosed the complete details of deputies.

The posts have shown the details of the revised accusation which was proposed in the US District Court in LA. The defendant includes Michael Russell, Raul Versales, Joey Cruz, and Rafael Mejia plus the LA County, LA County Sheriff’s department, and LA County Fire department.

The accusation declared that the agents had disseminated the pictures of the crash scene quickly with others in Sherrif’s department via text message and AirDrop. Furthermore, one of the deputies took between 25 and 100 photos from his personal phone. He has no inquiry purpose to take those photos.

The charge also claims that deputy Cruz also presented pictures of the crash to his niece. Two days after the crash, Cruz has also disseminated the pictures of the crash site with the bartender and with a bar client. The bartender who saw the pictures then disseminate among other clients that he had viewed the pictures and “described particular features of Mr. Bryant’s remains,” the lawsuit disclosed.

Another deputy Michael Russel has also shared the photo of the crash site with his friend. The pictures were taken by Meija who then sent those pictures to two deputies including Cruz. The charge also disclosed that Cruz made a harsh comment about the state of the victims’ remains.

Vanessa has earlier won the case to share the name of deputies who were involved in sharing the photos. She has then talked to the sheriff’s department to share the names of the agents. Vanessa Bryant’s attorney Luis Li explained that Mrs. Bryant is planning to discuss her case in open court.