Instagram Roll Out New AI Tool to Prevent ‘Suspicious’ Adults from Messaging Children


Instagram has launched on Tuesday the new AI tool for the safety of young people on its platform. The new AI tool will prevent suspicious grown-ups from messaging children. The new changes of Instagram focus on direct messages.

Instagram will increase the artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to learn about the real ages of the users on the platform. The new features include preventing adults from sending messages to young people under 18 who they are not already following. The grown-ups user will then obtain a warning from Instagram that direct messaging is not possible.

Instagram will also warn teenagers to be aware of conversations with adults. Instagram disclosed that it will warn the young users when a grown-up who has been showing potentially dubious behavior is communicating with them in DMs.

Social networking app will leverage AI to detect the real ages of the users and to get more information about the users. The firm is also planning to make it more difficult for grown-ups who have been showing peculiar behavior to find youngsters’ accounts by preventing them from coming up in ‘RecommendedUsers’ or being shown in Instagram’s Explore or the Reel tab.

Earlier, Instagram has strived to stop sexual abusers from using the platform to contact teenagers and children. Facebook-owned apps (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp) and Snapchat were used in more than 70 percent of cases, and Instagram particularly was utilized in more than a quarter of cases.