Eljammi Gozalli Reveals How to Deal Negativity on Social Media

Photo: Eljammi/Instagram

Dubai-based influencer and entrepreneur Eljammi Gozalli has talked about the serious matter which is currently impacting the lives of many. She disclosed that how can she learned to handle the negativity on social media. When we see her social media account she is always well-dressed, but her life is not all about dressing up.

Eljammi is only 28-years old but at this young age, she has already founded three businesses in UAE. In 2018, the entrepreneur has started the beauty service app GlamJam Xpress.

Earlier, she also started a makeup academy but in 2019 she closed down the academy. She has also started a salon which is called GlamJam Beauty Bar in 2020.

Eljammi has been living in UAE for 13 years. She disclosed that this industry is very competitive but at the same time it is also very stressful. Gozalli believed that it doesn’t matter in which industry you are working or competing the only thing which matters is how you are influencing others. The entrepreneur said: “Whether it’s fashion or beauty, you have to make sure you’re not just a pretty face, but you truly influence and encourage people to do and be better.”

In 2014, she started her blogging career and she always remain committed to her work. She advised people to always remain true to yourself because social media demands you to be flawless all the time and always remain in good mood. She said that we are human beings and we all have good and bad sides.

28-years old influencer disclosed that she always used her energy to fulfill her vision because in this world it is not possible that everybody likes you. The more you get the fame the more you receive the negativity. She said that throughout her whole journey she only learned one thing that the only way is to block myself from negativity.

The influencer has also revealed the reason of shutting down her first business which is a beauty academy. From her experience she learned that if anything is not serving you right get rid of that thing that’s how you will remain happy. The reason for closing down her academy is that nowadays people are are either self-taught makeup artists or they learn the skills digitally.

When she started GlamJam Xpress the response was positive that is when she realized that now is the right time to get rid of her academy business. Moreover, she also urged her young followers who are deciding to start their business. She said: “Take your time. Break down your idea from A to Z, and find a public figure who did the same business and get an idea of how they did it. That would give a lot of insight and even more goal.”