Libya’s First Foreign Female Minister Appointment Encourage More Women to Enter Politics

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

The appointment of Najla el-Mangoush, the first foreign female minister is a ray of hope for other Libyan women as they are considering the appointment of Najla the win of all women of Libya. The first female foreign minister of Libya is scheduled to swear in for her role in a cabinet next week.

Four other women will join Mangoush in the cabinet including Halima Abdulrahman as justice minister. Mangoush, a lawyer who had a role in the transitional council that momentarily ruled Libya after its 2011 rebellion.

A pastry maker in Tripoli made a comment about the appointment of Mangoush. She said: “I think this is a victory for all of us women in Libya. I hope it’s a first step to going beyond a woman reaching head of government.” She further added that the appointment of Mangoush would urge more females to enter politics.

Moreover, the temporary government of PM Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibeh appeared through a UN talks process and is authorized to combine the divided state systems of Libya and supervise national elections in December.

The 75 Libyan representatives chosen by the U.N. to participate in those discussions put out a pledge for the new administration to involve females in 30% of senior administration roles plus in top cabinet posts. The Dbeibeh cabinet is consists of 15% of females. But the ratio of females in cabinet rose after the appointment of deputy ministers.