Mary Kay Appoints Wendy Wang as the President for Asia Pacific Region


Mary Kay Inc has disclosed Thursday that it has decided to appoint Wendy Wang as the president for the Asia Pacific Region. Mary Kay has gained recognition as the prominent advocate of women’s empowerment and women’s entrepreneurship. The firm has chosen Wendy Wang because of her devotion to the firm.

During her term in office, she has diligently built a powerful and excellent legal team that established a culture of conformity with standards and sympathy for China and the entire Asia Pacific Region. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. Wendy has obtained her degree in law as well as an undergraduate degree in Economics.

The appointment of Wendy as the President is the fulfillment of a firm commitment to empowering women and bestowed them the executive positions. The firm was established for women by women and has consisted of 61% of the female workforce globally. 59% of the firm’s directors are females, 54% of Global Vice Presidents and higher than are women, and more than 50% of the global management team of the firm is female.

Wang revealed that throughout her journey as the President she will work for the empowerment of women. She aimed to support the independent workforce of Mary Kay. She said: “We are business people, and we are moving forward with the aim to enhance women’s lives and we have the vision to encourage the Independent Beauty Consultant. My team and I are dedicated to offering the greatest business chances, creating upon the values Mary Kay endorses as foundations of our business culture and mission.”