Afghan TV Broadcaster Forced To Avoid Female Hiring After Four Killed

Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash

The Afghanistan broadcaster, Enikass Radio, and Television disclosed that it has decided to stop the hiring of more female employees after its four women employees were murdered. The Afghanistan broadcaster is forced to take the step because of the low security of its female workers and blamed the government for not ensuring the safety of female workers in the country.

Enikass has advised its current women journalists to work from home after receiving security threats. Islamic State (Isis) is the responsible entity for murdering all the female broadcasters. Enikass disclosed that three of its workers includes Shahnaz Raofi, Sadia Sadat, and Mursal Wahidi of 20, 20, and 25 age, respectively were murdered on their way home from work. These three women worked in the dubbing department and have lost their lives in two separate attacks.

On the other hand, the fourth female reporter Malalai Maiwand lost her life after facing a gunshot last December in the same city. The director of Enikass who always encouraged Enikass to hire more women now fears that the female workers will not safe anymore. The broadcaster disclosed that it will offer its current female teams to work from home and also provide them with necessary equipment so that they will be able to do their job.

Jalalabad-based private broadcaster currently includes 120 men and 10 women in its team. Earlier, Nangarhar is the dangerous city for women as it was the hub of Isis and now the Jalalabad is the dangerous city for the females. Not only, female reporters have lost their lives in Jalalabad but also the female doctor was succumbed to death by an explosive device attached to her rickshaw.

National Directorate and the Police have also informed the private broadcaster regarding the upcoming threats. It is not clear who is behind all these heinous crimes, but the situation is getting worse and worse day by day. Many reporters across the 34 provinces of Afghanistan have already abandoned the country after getting death warnings.