Pakistani Women Display Their Handicrafts At Kohat Exhibition


Women of Pakistan have displayed their talents at the one-day exhibition. The local technical and vocational Centre and Aid for Uprooted People in Pakistan has arranged the ‘Hunarmand Mela’. The show was initiated by Mohammad Sadiq Orakzai, Director Academics Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Technical Education and Vocational Education Authority.

Women of Pakistan are very talented, and they have multiple skills. Not only they excelled in the business, technology, political, engineering, and science sector but also, they have shown their God-gifted talents. At the exhibition, they displayed hand sewed and unstitched clothes. Furthermore, they also displayed handmade products like floor sheets, handmade baskets, rolling pins, etc.

Mr. Orakzai disclosed that these events will further empower the girls and women who possessed these types of skills. They are earning from handmade products which are respectable ways of earning. These skills of girls and women will also boost society.

Lastly, Mr. Orakzai said the exhibition was arranged with an aim to encourage the traditional skills of craftswomen. He delivered prizes among the girls and women.