Four Women Ready To Circumnavigate Qatar And Set A New Record


A group of four females who call themselves “The Desert Roses” are all ready and excited to make history by becoming the first to travel the whole of Qatar on foot. They will begin the adventure on the 5th of February which shall last for a total period of 5 days and end on the 9th of February.

Stephanie Innes-Smith and Isobel Bushell from the UK, Ross Ayuro from the Philippines, and Heather Lee from Canada will be attempting to trek the country and explore every nook and cranny purely by strolling, jogging, and running throughout the whole venture.

Possessing a common passion for marathons, brisk walks, and other sporting activities, these individuals from various parts of the world came together to break records and set new ones. The aim is to highlight and show that not only Doha, the capital city, is the heart of the nation but other places are equally beautiful and worth the visit.

They also want to inspire ambitious young female athletes to keep challenging themselves with fun goals and encourage them to actively participate in outdoor activities.

Some members of the team also said that they want to spread a message that is it never too late to start, even if it means beginning small and building your way up, if you have the will, passion and determination then why not, nothing is impossible.

Ahead of the journey, preparations are being made by following exercise regimes to strengthen and train to enhance mental endurance. Other things that can cause hindrances such as food and water supply, weather conditions, and the current scenario with the pandemic are also being looked into and taken into consideration for a smooth and trouble-free experience.

Local communities have reached out to motivate and support the “The Desert Roses” creating a healthy and friendly atmosphere days before the highly competitive “National Sports Day”.