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This Female-Founded Startup Teach People How To Treat Weight

Photo by Liam Johnson on Unsplash

Calibrate, a company that started what seemed like a small startup is now making headlines as it grows and expands to 7 seven states and has 52 employees, exploring new horizons and reaching new heights every day.

It is merely a space that offers its clients various solutions to overcome obesity and lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. It connects its users with experts who advise and prescribe medication according to the needs of the patient.

The startup even comes up with dietary plans for their well-being and emphasizes the importance of exercise to overcome problems like blood pressure and sugar etc.

One of the customers complimented and praised Calibrate saying that making minor changes to her eating habits really did make a difference and feels much more energetic and active than before.

The firm recently made a milestone achievement by managing to receive a US$22.5 million Series A funding from its partnership with Emily Melton at Threshold Ventures along with several other investors for its future endeavors. Melton will be made part of Calibrate’s BOD which just so happens to consist of women only.

CEO, Isabelle Kenyon remarked that this deal will prove to be extremely beneficial for the company and shall be used to develop new ideas and enhance their line of products.

She shared that she basically embarked on this journey to help her mom and saw that others are also facing the same things as she is but there was no one to give proper guidance.

This motivated her to spread awareness as millions of Americans are diagnosed with these issues and invest millions but see no result due to limited research and insufficient knowledge.

Kenyon decided to create a platform where people could come to have a discussion and rid themselves of any inhibitions and therefore started working to turn this dream of hers into a reality.

She added that it satisfied her when people walk out of the office with a smile on their faces, knowing that she was able to help them in one way or another. It’s a different kind of joy.


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