Estonia Elects First Female Prime Minister


The Baltic country which has been part of the EU and NATO since 2004, Estonia is making history by appointing its first female Prime Minister. It has been decided after the two largest political parties came to the conclusion of dissolving the previous cabinet that got tied up in a corruption scandal, being on the verge of collapse twice and bringing much international embarrassment, making impulsive and mindless statements.

The center-right Reform Party and far-left Centre Part came to the joint decision of voting for Reform’s chairman Kaja Kallas for the position and are set to have seven ministerial posts in the 15 member government obtaining a majority at the Riigikogu Parliament compromising of a total of 101 seats.

She will be leading the new administration and will be the first to do so since 2016. Managing to bag a victory from the March 2019 elections, Kallas’ primary focus shall be fighting the prevailing COVID-19 situation in the region.

She aimed to provide aid in the development of all suffering areas from the pandemic and coming up with efficient and effective schemes and strategies to boost the declining economy.

The 43-year-old will be shouldered with the grand responsibility of being head of state and thinking about the well-being of approximately 1.3 million people who gained the status of being an independent and free territory during the fall of the once-mighty and powerful Soviet Russia.

Kallas promised that her officials will work to restore ties with Estonia’s allies and embark on diplomatic missions to recover and build trust. It will make sure that it learns from its previous mistakes and correct its ways.