Ehsaas To Launch Women Empowerment Program In South Waziristan

Ehsaas To Launch Women Empowerment Program In South Waziristan
Photo by Sharjeel Khalid on Unsplash

In recent times many platform in Pakistan are devoting their time and effort to empower women and raise awareness about the importance of treating them as equals as men and showing respect.

One such similar initiative was taken by Ehsaas which the country’s largest social protection program, devoting its time and effort to supporting females in all aspects of life. It is planning to expand its horizon and offer training in livelihood skills to the females of South Waziristan.

Various schemes have been designed and aim to benefit at least 25% of the population in 2021. Many stipends were granted to deserving individuals and which began on the 9th of January. Ehsaas officials went from house to house to gather information in order to obtain accurate and authentic data.

Figures indicate that more than 20,000 families would be provided with aid through the Ehsaas Kifalat scheme and an estimated 35,000 children would receive educational assistance via the Waseela-e-Taleem Digital drive.

Two Nashonuma Centers will be opened to help mothers and young infants grow healthy and happy.

An amount of PKR22.3 million has been allocated to provide financial stability to poor and underprivileged individuals. Besides this 100 prosthetic limbs will be supplied to people who have normal functioning of their body parts owing to the mine blasts and bombing in the area, rehabilitating them.

Interest-free loans are being given to small enterprises to help establish businesses and generate income. Scholarships shall be circulated to eligible school children to facilitate them in obtaining supplies and material and make it easy to gain knowledge without the worry of having to pay a huge amount of fee.

The foundation is dedicated to building a better, brighter, and secure future and serve the community to create a sense of belongingness and bring everyone together.