US Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris Is The Hope Of Women Of Dayton


The US elections managed to make groundbreaking changes in American politics as many women of color won esteemed positions in office resulting in an ethnically diverse cabinet. One such lady is Kamala Harris who is now the country’s Vice President-Elect and is the first South Asian and Black American to do so.

Her story is a source of inspiration and hope for many and is enacting an integral role in battling biases and eliminating prejudice and stereotypes.

Harris hails from a family of highly qualified and distinguished individuals. Her mother was a biomedical scientist who migrated to America from India in 1959 and her father was a professor and an economist who came from Jamaica in 1961 to settle in America.

Both actively participated in the civil rights movement and came with big ambitions to be part of a civilized society, obtain better education and create a brighter future for themselves.

Kamala’s unique background and upbringing is one of her strengths and can play a major role in uniting the people and bringing communities together.

Kate Rivers and her three daughters were extremely delighted when they saw Kamala Harris emerge victorious on their TV screens and are looking forward to seeing her in action. Their mom did not have to explain the significance of this accomplishment because they have seen it all from up close.

Since their maternal grandmother, Mary McDonald is Mayor of Trotwood, they understand the importance of elected female leadership and are slightly different from other kids and their age because they come from an African American family and their young minds can very well decipher between being socially accepted and having to face years of hardship and discrimination.

McDonald said, “When I look at her, you know the possibilities truly are endless. I truly can see us getting a lot closer to having a female President.”

She feels extremely proud as now there are more chances that their voices shall be heard and given equal importance. It feels nice to finally have a sense of support and confidence to rise from the current scenario. She also applauds the efforts of President-Elect Joe Biden for having an open mindset and a very broad vision.