Saudi Arabia Soon To Have Female Judges In Court

Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

In recent years the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been bringing a series of social reforms. Recently, the decision to appoint female judges in court is just a continuation of those. The country has been focusing on women’s empowerment and imposing laws that allow them to freely exercise their rights.

Hind al Zahid who works in the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development commented that several initiatives are underway on multiple levels and are dedicated as well as devoted to offering women equal opportunities and benefits in all spheres of life.

She added that the international community and many foreign causes are acknowledging the state’s efforts and more women are actively participating in the labor market, something which has not happened before and was therefore unexpected but the numbers has us highly pleased.

The figures have increased to an estimated 31% which is a sign of growth and progress for the country.

More women are showcasing their expertise in the civil service sector particularly in the health and education department, making a noteworthy climb from the previous 39% to 41%.