Friends Turned Business Partners Will Tell You How To Spend Quality Time Outdoor Amid Pandemic

Photo: thepicnicompany/Instagram

Two female entrepreneurs Shwetha Gupta and Bhawna Rao hailing from the city of Bengaluru are bringing their own spin to picnics thanks to their joint venture “The Picnic Company”. 

The idea was to provide its clients with a safe and clean environment where they can spend quality time outdoors without having to worry about restrictions and limitations that came with the pandemic.

The two ladies are friends turned business partners who collaborated upon a unique idea and decided to bring something new to the Indian market.

Bhawna owns a travel company called Encompass Experience and is highly passionate about touring different parts of the world while Shwetha holds vast amounts of knowledge in hospitality and event management.

The company was launched in November of 2020 and focused on offering its customers the best facilities to have the perfect Sunday afternoon under the shade of a tree, sitting on a mat, relishing on delicious food and drinks, appreciating nature, and basking in the sun with family and friends.

They shared that this idea came to mind when they realized that because of COVID-19 protocols there aren’t enough places left for people to entertain themselves. Restaurants, cinemas, and theaters and parks, etc. were too crowded and violating guidelines. The smallest of things like visiting a mall became too burdensome of a task.

People who were looking for alternatives chose to go on long drives and go to getaways outside of Bengaluru. Seeking an advantage from the situation Gupta and Rao acted quickly and thought of an idea of organization.

One of the things that makes the firm stand out is them partnering with private firms mostly located in the outskirts so consumers can have their personal hygienic space without unnecessary intervention.

Another factor that makes it different is its attention to detail regarding the food. It has a variety of items on its menu from Indian to Continental and customers can opt for both or whatever suits their plates.

The cost of a basic hamper comes up to be approximately Rs.5000 and is sufficient for up to 4 members. It maintains its serenity and comfort by encouraging small groups and not allowing more than 20 individuals at a time.

Bhawna and Shwetha told that as of now they don’t have adequate resources but are planning and thinking to expand as they are often asked to do something innovative like this in Delhi and Mumbai too.