Entrepreneur Tera Carissa Hodges Walking In Beyoncé’s Footsteps Of Success

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

Tera Carissa Hodges, a women’s empowerment coach, and faith-based speaker who appears to perfectly fit into every possible role a female can play giving an insight into some of the tips and tricks she thinks are key to living an accomplished life.

Tera who began her career in media and still has some roots in the industry worked up her way to starting many small ventures and slowly and gradually climbed the ladder of victory.

She found LR Global Media Group where she got the opportunity to work with several known corporations, high-profile personalities, famous celebrities, and multiple non-profit organizations.

Tera said that she finds her work an absolute joy and love what she does for a living. She started when she was just a teenager and managed to publish her first news article at 16 sitting on the front page.

Earlier she used to write for her high school newspaper and helped come up with the yearbook. Overtime Tera built her skills and polished her abilities which turned out to be extremely beneficial in her area of expertise.

She shared that she has always encouraged the significance of a good, solid foundation and urges her clients to pay extra attention to this aspect of their business.

She teaches what she calls the Beyoncé Formula and explained that the star’s strength is singing which she used to make it big in music before she decided to expand her horizon and begin acting, photography, launching her own perfume, etc.

Tera added that it was basically her foundation that allowed her to step into other endeavors and grow similarly businesses need to play on their strengths first and then think of exploring other ventures.

Tera further commented that it is extremely crucial to decide on a goal and stick to it. It can be extremely challenging and difficult but one needs to trust their instincts and not second guess themselves. Once you manage to do that the road to prosperity becomes a little easier.